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Informed Consent

With your help, we would like to identify innovative parameters that make it easier to understand the risk of developing type II diabetes mellitus or being affected by cardiovascular diseases compared to conventional examinations. Furthermore, we would like to use the data to identify lifestyle factors that increase the risk of developing a disease of civilization, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or neurodegenerative diseases.

I have read the information about the study and herewith consent to participate in this research based on following terms: 

The study will be conducted in Germany, where Vindex GmbH has its headquarter. I am an adult and willing to contribute my health and personal data to this study. Participation in this study is voluntary. My data will be used to further advance science and the understanding of wellbeing and health,as long I do not opt-out. My contribution supports scientific research and helps offset part of the study costs, the rest of which is covered by Vindex GmbH. I guarantee that I will provide my own information, body vitals and blood sample (and not a third party’s).

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